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Family Weekends: FAQ

Who can attend a Family Week?

We define “family” in the broadest terms, including grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, neighbors and friends, as long as there are adults accompanying children.

How much free time is there at a Family Week?

In order to provide family members with the optimum immersion learning experience, the program is filled with a variety of structured and informal language learning opportunities. Each program typically includes some personal, unstructured time during the day. Specific questions on the daily schedule can be directed to the sample daily schedule each dean will provide as part of the pre-session mailing.

Where do families stay for Family Weeks?

We typically house two to three families (or more, depending on the facility and the size of family units) together in a cabin; staff does not live with you. Our cabins house 12-14 people, depending on the site. Bathroom facilities are either directly in the housing unit or a short walk down the path. Within each cabin, families are accommodated in semi-private areas. We do our best to put similar families together, taking into account gender of participants and the ages of children. If you would like to share a cabin with another family, please note this on your registration form.

Will we be able to sightsee in Bemidji during the Family Week?

Our program is meant to keep you busy with language and culture learning during the whole week and our goal is to immerse you completely into the target language/culture. In order to not interfere with the sense of immersion, there is no time scheduled for leaving the program and site. We encourage you to take in the sites of the Bemidji area before or after the program.

I'm a native speaker. Can I help during a Family Week session and receive a discount?

We often have native speakers attend with their families. However, no discounts are available.