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Cabin Feature: Tver!

Published: February 2, 2020

This month, our cabin spotlight is Tver! Tver is one of the cabins where campers live during the summer. Lesnoe Ozero’s Tver is named for the Russian city Tver, which is located in Tver Oblast in Russia. Tver is a very old city, believed to be settled at some point during the 13th century by traders from the Novgorod Republic. In the medieval era, Tver rivaled Moscow for power in the region. However, despite Tver’s origins as a medieval city, a fire destroyed much of Tver’s medieval architecture, and much of the current architecture traces back to the reign of Catherine the Great, when the city centers were rebuilt. Under Peter the Great and with the foundation of St. Petersburg as Russia’s capital, Tver became an important city in the Russian empire as a location between St. Petersburg and Moscow, and the Oktyabrskaya Railway and the Sapsan (a high-speed train), which run between St. Petersburg and Moscow, run through Tver to this day. Tver is home to a number of cultural institutions including theaters, art galleries, museums, an orchestra, and a circus.