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WorldView Good Reads: August 2019

Published: September 1, 2019

Here are good reads from around the globe that have caught our attention during the month of August.

How Detained Children Are Treated Around the World. How does the ongoing crisis on the U.S. southern border fit into a broader international and historical context? Michael Garcia Bochenek, senior counsel to the Children’s Rights division of Human Rights Watch, discusses what he has learned from seeing detained children abroad.

A Summer Camp on the Border, Where the Border Crisis Feels Far Away. These teenagers, many the children of migrants, are growing up in the shadow of a national conversation about immigration. They feel the stereotypes. But at this camp, “it’s way different.”

The Baltic Way: Inspiring the Hong Kong Way. Thirty years ago, two million people linked hands to form a human chain across the former Soviet states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in what was called the Baltic Way. It was a dramatic, peaceful cry for independence and human rights. Seven months later, Lithuania became the first Soviet state to declare independence. Two years later, all three Baltic stateswere recognized as independent. On August 23, inspired by the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way, more than 200,000 people formed a human chain across the city of Hong Kong to mark the “Hong Kong Way” to freedom and democracy.

Parlez-Vous Anglais? Yes, of Course.  Europeans speaking perfect English sounds like good news for native speakers, but it may also be a threat.

They Met in an Elevator; Now They Travel the World Together. For 22 years, Brock and Sean have traveled the world to see soccer games. Their motto: ‘Follow soccer, see the world.’

Ode To Summer. We hope your summer was full of adventure. Here’s a poem by Ann Pattinson. And if you want good summer reads from each of our Language Villages, check out our Village blogs.

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