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WorldView Good Reads - Fall 2016

Published: October 24, 2016

Here are good reads from around the globe that have caught our attention.

The White Helmets of Syria. Syria's White Helmets are ordinary people who risk their own well-being every day to save lives in the rubble of cities like Aleppo. Read Jared Malsin’s excellent profile in TIME.

Changing The World - Poem by Frederick J.B. Moore II. We are a language program, and poetry is magical language. So what does poetry tell us about our mission?

How many Swiss regularly use at least four languages? You'd be surprised. Rise to the challenge - join our Swiss Week!

Positive Peace - What attitudes, institutions and structures create and sustain peaceful societies? Read the 2016 Positive Peace report

Learn new languages to get ahead. Is it important for a scientist to learn foreign languages? Yes, says Alexander Birbrair, a Russian Israeli who grew up in Brazil and lived in Spain. ''What about English, you ask? In fact, I didn't learn a word of it until I was 24.''

Arabic calligraphy: from language to modern art. Calligraphy merges the boundaries between language and art. Read how Arabic calligrapher Mohamed Abido showcased the power of his art to challenge societal conventions -- from Egypt's Daily News.

The Learning Generation. Investing in education for a changing world. The Prime Minister of Norway, the Presidents of Malawi, Indonesia, and Chile, and the Director-General of UNESCO convened a commission to reinvigorate the case for investing in education and to chart a path for investment to develop the potential of all of the world's young people. Read the Commission's report, chaired by former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

4 reasons to learn a new language. English is fast becoming the world's universal language, so why bother learning a foreign language? Linguist and Columbia professor John McWhorter shares four alluring benefits of learning an unfamiliar tongue. It's a good listen. 

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