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WorldView Good Reads: March 2020

Published: March 18, 2020

Worldview Good Reads

Home sweet home. That’s where many of us are these days as schools, offices, restaurants, theaters and museums have closed, music and sports events have been cancelled, and we all practice “social distancing.” Most of us are likely to relish more time at home. Many are probably also wondering how to occupy all of this new-found time. What’s a Mensch to do?

Our answer: Home Sweet World. That’s our theme for this year’s International Day and our 60th anniversary summer. Little did we know that most of us would literally be at home as our world grapples with a global health emergency.  Being homebound doesn’t mean, however, we can’t be globally-minded.

In coming weeks we will be offering ways you can bring a bit of our world into your own sweet home. Send us your tips at Enjoy!

Is the Footshake the New Handshake? Coronavirus is changing social interaction as more and more people are thinking twice about handshakes, cheek kisses and hugs. Greeting behaviors are changing around the world. Elbow bumps, peace signs or namaste – what’s your preference?

Spontaneous Community Moments. People are getting creative offline with spontaneous community moments, whether is singing in India, reaching out to international friends, Bingo and exercise in Spain, dance battles in China and moving moments as well. Check out this TOP 5 List of Balcony Hits from Italy. 

Night at the Museum – Without Leaving Your Couch. Experience the world’s best museums, from London and Berlin to Seoul, São Paulo and many more in the comfort of your own home.

Go Out While Staying Home. People are getting creative online with streaming operamovies, and ballet!

Board Game Pick! Sushi Go! is a rapid-fire “pick and pass” card game. Each round players select a single card from their hand before passing the rest to the next player. The cards are sushi themed, with cartoon illustrations of sashimi, nigiri, dumplings, and other delicacies. Players try to build various sets of cards to earn points. Similar to a kaiten (conveyor-belt) sushi joint, the trick is to select the dishes you want (or want to keep out of the hands of your competitors) before they pass by. Sushi Go! has received more than a thousand five-star reviews. The game, which doesn’t require reading or number recognition, is accessible for younger kids while remaining fun for older kids and adults.

Bear-bogganing. And finally, who can resist this?

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