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WorldView Good Reads: Off the Press for March 2018

Published: March 6, 2018

We are all on career paths that are more global in nature than ever before. There is no longer a clear division between what is foreign and what is domestic. The economy, the environment, health crises, tech innovations and online teaching all transcend national boundaries. Each and every profession demands a set of global skills to effectively address what the 21st century entails.

So, this month our theme for theWorldView Blog is Global Career Path. We offer some good reads on how best to prepare others for a global career, or pursue one ourselves, whether it takes us around the globe or around the corner.

Critical Global Skills

The “Hidden Talent” that Determines Success. In our era of globalization, your job performance may depend on your “CQ." What is it? “The number one predictor of your success in today’s borderless world is not your IQ, not your resume (CV), and not even your expertise,” writes social scientist David Livermore in his book The Cultural Intelligence Difference. “It’s your CQ.” Read the BBC story here.

How Values Factor into Leadership and Learning. Mariel Tishma demonstrates how navigating conflict, learning without borders and leading with awareness are the key factors for being a leader who excels in a multicultural workplace.

7 Skills All Young People Need to Survive the Future of the Workplace. From the World Economic Forum, Charlotte Edmond reviews The Global Achievement Gap by Tony Wagner, a book that provides seven core competencies that every child needs in order to engage successfully in today’s world of work.

Why Learning Another Language Matters

Why Learning a New Language is Always a Good Career Move. In today’s competitive global marketplace, you are a more attractive candidate if you can speak another language. Ryan McMunn, Founder and CEO of BRIC Language Systems, provides a good argument for this in the Huffington Post.

Not Lost in Translation: The Growing Importance of Foreign Language Skills in the U.S. Job Market. The New American Research Fund demonstrates how language skills have become all the more important to companies in the United States, and especially those industries that emphasize interpersonal interactions.

I Work in a Globally Minded School. Here’s Why Students Are Better for It. Elementary school principal Jack Davern stresses the importance of schools prioritizing world language, coupling that with cross-cultural studies, in order to ensure that students succeed in work and life.

Previous WorldView Blog posts on Global Careers

What Makes a Language “Useful” is Often Unpredictable. Colleen Wood began studying Russian when she was 15, thinking Cyrillic would be a useful secret code for passing notes with her friends; she never could have imagined the places that Russian would take her in 10 years. She learned that what makes a language “useful” is situational, and entirely about interactions with people.

A Handy Set of Rules for Wherever Life Leads You. Maybe working in a foreign country isn’t so foreign. Jackie Mauer shares her universal rules that have carried her, thus far, from a small town in the Midwest to rural Central America.

My Global Citizen Toolbox. Espoir DelMain shares her experience living and volunteering in Senegal, and how her Village language skills applied to a real, diverse, dynamic world.

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