What is International Day? | Concordia Language Villages

What is International Day?

Due to COVID-19 and maintaining the health and safety of our staff and villagers as a top concern, International Day 2022 will not be taking place. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, reach out to us at clv@cord.edu.

Twice every summer, villagers and staff meet at Waldsee, the German Language Village, to celebrate International Day, or "I-Day" for short. This gathering of nearly 2,000 villagers, staff, parents and guests is free and open to everyone. It is a unique opportunity for villagers, parents and the public to learn about the language and cultural immersion programs we offer—all at one site!

Villagers are transported to the festival and back to their Villages by bus. Parents and guests park at the International Day entrance of the Turtle River site. Shuttle buses offer convenient access from the parking lot to the festival. Tours of the Turtle River site, including the French, Norwegian, German, Finnish and Spanish Language Villages will be available.

A variety of food is available for purchase and plenty of activities for all ages are planned. This is a great time to feel the tremendous spirit of the Villages. The experience has been compared to the excitement of the opening ceremony of the Olympics by a Sjölunden alumna and Olympic athlete.