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Research in the Villages

Given the fact that Concordia Languages Villages offers nurturing and rich environments within which participants “live the language and culture” while exploring issues that aim to prepare them for “responsible citizenship in our global community,” it comes as no surprise that scholars from a variety of disciplines are eager to carry out research within our communities.  Illustrations of such studies can be found here.

Meredith Hanson learned that the use of Japanese names by villagers improved language learning and led to a greater sense of belonging at Mori no Ike, the Japanese Language Village.

Meredith Hanson learned that the
use of Japanese names by villagers
improved language learning and led
to a greater sense of belonging.

Individuals who are interested in pursuing their own studies in one or more of our Villages will find information regarding procedures and timelines on this page. To begin the process, please contact the Internal Review Board of Concordia Language Villages at to alert us to your plans. At this first stage, we will be able to address initial questions you may have and discuss the suitability of your study to our program.

If your project is acceptable and you decide to pursue your project with the Villages, you will need to submit the Concordia Language Villages Research Proposal Form by February 15, along with the following documents as specified on the research proposal form:

  • your resumé or CV;
  • a letter of support from an advisor, colleague, or Concordia Language Villages sponsor (this letter must be from the course instructor/academic advisor for any student for whom the research is part of a course/degree program);
  • letter of approval from your home institution’s Institutional Review Board (IRB);  
  • a copy of the proposal submitted to your home institution’s IRB, including consent/assent forms and data collection instruments

If your Concordia Language Villages Research Proposal Form is received by February 15, you will receive a response from the Concordia Language Villages’ Internal Review Board regarding the approval of your project by March 31.  After that time, you will coordinate with the designated Concordia Language Villages Group Director(s) and relevant Village Dean(s) to notify villagers and their families of the opportunity to participate in your research project and to gain their consent/assent.

*We recognize that, due to academic schedules and delays with home institution IRBs, a researcher may wish to submit the Concordia Language Villages Research Proposal Form after our February 15 deadline.  In such cases, we cannot guarantee that the project will be able to gain the approval of all participants in time for the research to be carried out the following summer.  In situations where all materials are ready to be submitted by the February 15 deadline except for the official approval of your institution’s IRB, please contact us and we will do our best to move ahead with our internal review and finalize approval upon receipt of your institution’s approval letter.

Timeline for Research Projects

February 15: Researcher submits completed Concordia Language Villages Research  Proposal Form with all required attachments

March 31: Concordia Language Villages Internal Review Board notifies researcher of its decision regarding the status of the proposed research

Spring: Researcher works with designated Concordia Language Villages Group Director(s) and Village Dean(s) to notify villagers and their families of the research project and gain their consent/assent

Summer: Researcher conducts the study.

November 1: Researcher submits a brief (500-1000 words) status report regarding the research to  In addition, copies of any publications or course papers that result from the study should be sent to upon their publication/completion.

Research Proposal Form

Click here to access the form