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Language Villages

Learning a language gives you a different perspective on the world — and yourself. We offer foreign language immersion programs in 15 languages, for every age and level of ability.

"Every year I’ve gone to the Concordia Language Villages, I’ve had a remarkable time. I manage to learn so much in the four weeks I am there." Paige "Saskia," 16, German villager
  1. Our Teaching Methods

    Our immersion approach to language teaching provides villagers with a culturally authentic setting filled with carefully designed opportunities. Our well-trained language teachers will help you practice your new language skills all day, every day.

  2. Why Learn a Language

    Beyond the obvious advantage of adding the skill of speaking in another language, research proves there are numerous other valuable benefits connected to learning other world languages.

  3. Language Requirements

    There are no language prerequisites for most of our foreign language immersion programs, and our staff are trained to challenge learners at all levels from novice to highly proficient.

What WeTeach:

Our style of foreign language immersion teaches through real conversation. Villagers leave with the ability to better speak and comprehend, in a surprisingly short time.