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Studying Russian Politics at Lesnoe Ozero

Russia has been—and continues to be—a major player in international politics. Both the internal and external politics of Russia are simply fascinating, and at Lesnoe Ozero, there are plenty of opportunities to polish your diplomatic skills.

Global Summit
Global Summit at International Day

Each summer, a group of villagers from each Language Village meets at the International Day Global Summit to discuss current world issues in a forum that models the United Nations, World Bank or other international bodies. The Global Summit is an opportunity for villagers to get a taste of policy making, debate, creative problem solving and topics in international affairs.

In addition, we do a number of evening programs and cultural hours on current events and domestic politics in Russia and Eurasia. We also have a staff full of native speakers from throughout the Russian-speaking world and Americans who love to hang out with a cup of tea and discuss the many facets of post-Soviet politics.