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Singing at Lesnoe Ozero

Ever wonder why you can remember the lyrics from your favorite singer and yet can’t seem to recall anything from yesterday’s chemistry class? Singing and listening to music is an enjoyable and effective way to learn, and we take full advantage of the musical opportunities at Lesnoe Ozero to use this powerful tool to boost your language learning experience.

At the Russian Language Village, we have songs for lots of little rituals we do all day long such as cleaning up the tables after a meal and saying good night after campfires. We also have Penja, or singing time, each day where we learn various Russian songs from the folk, rock and Roma traditions, to name a few.

Singing at the Russian Language Village

It is amazing just how much language you can learn from song. It helps you learn new vocabulary, remember correct grammar and improve pronunciation. It is also just plain fun to sit outside on the veranda and sing your heart out while accompanied by friends, staff and the occasional guitar, balalaika or maybe even accordion.

Perhaps the most fun is bringing your camp favorites home to serenade your family with your new favorite Russian classic.