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Experience the Russian Language Village

We all do our very best to make Lesnoe Ozero the ideal place to prepare ourselves for responsible global citizenship through living the Concordia Language Villages mission and creating a safe, inclusive space where everyone is free to belong and be understood.  Our culturally authentic site is situated on the beautiful shores of the Turtle River Lake.  Our talented culinary staff serves delicious meals from all over the Russian speaking world served family style to encourage language development. 

Our Mission Statement is at the heart of our community.

Lesnoe Ozero is a co-created constantly evolving experience where villagers and staff strive to become global citizens by:

  1. reaching beyond their comfort zones to infuse the village with Russian language;
  2. practicing skills for living together respectfully in the cabin, in the village, and in the world;
  3. studying Russian cultural traditions, including song, instrumental music, dance, art, drama, film, literature and sports;
  4. appreciating the diverse cultures of the Russian-speaking world and of ethnic minorities within Russia;
  5. exploring social/cultural/political realities of modern Russia and the historical trajectory that underlies those realities;
  6. caring for each member of the village community and for each person’s personal development, social support system, and physical well-being.


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