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Testimonials from Lesnoe Ozero Participants

“My 14-year-old  described last year’s Lesnoe Ozero experience as life-changing. “Sasha” has earned the Gold Medal for non-Heritage Russian speakers in ACTR’s Russian Olympiada for New York State. [Lesnoe Ozero nature counselor] Boris may be interested to know that “Sasha” submitted an Excellent performance for the Nature Topic and gives him major credit for this. Not too many of our NY kids willingly choose Nature–you need a lot of specialized vocabulary to score in the 90s. This is just one example of the quality experience Lesnoe Ozero offers–that almost 10 months later a student can go beyond saying the Russian words ‘white tree’ and describe a birch as a living symbol that unites the area where he/she lives in the US with Русская душа. Thank you, Lesnoe Ozero for changing my child’s life in such a positive manner.”

Bonnie E. – Parent of a villager and Russian teacher

“You have an amazing program and I have begun to sell it every year (as do the kids who return!) for that reason.  I am so glad that such an option exists in this country for HS kids.  It is really an amazing and unique opportunity.  As much as we may try to simulate some aspects of the total immersion, experiential learning experience, we can’t do a very good job in our 70 min. every other day format.  You offer an amazing and hugely rich and exciting opportunity for ALL types of learners.”

Lee Roby – Russian Teacher