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Learn the Language at Lesnoe Ozero

At the Russian Language Village, you’ll learn Russian in a traditional summer camp setting. Language classes are tailored to learners of all ages and stages, from absolute beginners to our heritage students who grew up speaking Russian. Whether you’re looking for an early introduction or an intensive language program, we’ll meet your level of language and help you to advance during your time at Lesnoe Ozero.

Six Distinct Programs

We have six distinct programs.  The Adventure Day Camp for children ages 6-11 explores Russian language through nature, music, sports, games, dance, arts, crafts and delicious food in our unique immersion program. The program provides a great beginning for future language study, whether in school or at Concordia Language Villages.

The one-week program at Lesnoe Ozero includes all the best of our core curriculum, at a length that fits for those who aren’t ready to be gone from home for so long, or can’t fit more into their busy summer schedules. Villagers live with staff from all over the world and are immersed in language the whole day long.

The  two-week program is for villagers ages 8-18.  Youth immersion students spend part of the day in classes that use games and role play to teach language. They also have activities such as nature, sports, arts and crafts, etc. Villagers in two-week sessions gain and enhance language and culture skills through an immersion experience embedded in daily life and featuring games, sports, crafts, music, outdoor activities, etc.

The four-week High School Credit Program has a fast-paced intensive immersion style curriculum where villagers at Lesnoe Ozero can earn a year’s credit of high school Russian. It has a more academic focus than the two-week program, with more hours of language class each day. The credit program emphasizes active learning–drawing on all of the resources that the Language Village has to offer, including the rich natural surroundings, a variety of outdoor and sporting activities, and Village life.

Wondering what to do with the family for your summer holiday or weekend getaway? How about attending one of Lesnoe Ozero’s  Family Weeks or Family Fun Weekends? Enrollment is open to family members of all ages—all you need is a minimum of one adult and one child. Grandparents are also welcome! The family program has that all the fun of our youth programs, with additional activities geared toward adults.

Why Study Russian? 

Russia spans nine time zones and 6.5 million square miles, and the reasons people choose to study Russian are just as vast and varied as the country itself. At Lesnoe Ozero, we seek to provide a first-class language learning experience that also helps villagers explore what it is about Russian that fascinates them. Along the way, they can find many new things to be excited about.