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Why Learn Russian

Russia spans nine time zones and 6.5 million square miles, and the reasons people choose to study Russian are just as vast and varied as the country itself. At Lesnoe Ozero, we seek to provide a first-class language learning experience that also helps villagers explore what it is about Russian that fascinates them. Along the way, they can find many new things to be excited about.

Why Learn Russian?

  • Because you have a spirit of adventure. Learning Russian connects you to 153 million people who list Russian as their mother tongue and another 61 million who speak it fluently as a second language.
  • Because you want to prepare for your future. Russian is one of the major languages of the world and is also one of the official languages of the United Nations.
  • Because you’d like to understand your past. Maybe you have family or friends with Russian heritage. Learning about Russian language and culture will give you a deep appreciation for the people who live in this vast region that spans 11 times zones and borders 16 countries.
  • Because you like having fun! Give your curiosity and your sense of fun free reign as you savor pelmeni, play shakhmaty, or greet your new friends with “Kak dela?” Authentic Russian activities mixed with camping favorites like canoeing, swimming, and marshmallow roasting guarantee that every minute of your experience will be a treasured memory in the making.

Ready to learn Russian? Here are some useful phrases to get you started!