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Bringing language to life

Why? Because Kwan tackles challenges John would never dream of…

Our nametags are more than just fun. They help villagers push themselves in ways they might not try at home or school and open up a world of possibilities.

How? By making it real.

Coming to the Language Villages for a summer language immersion program is just like entering a new country. You’ll get your Village passport stamped at customs, receive your cabin assignment, and help us determine your language proficiency (don’t worry—no experience required!). We’ll also exchange any spending money you want to use at the gift shop during your stay, so you can practice language skills on real purchases.

Learn without

At the Villages, we check cell phones and other personal electronic devices at the door. Instead, we focus on fully engaging with the language in our cultural settings and the natural outdoor environment.


Live the

Tea (茶)

Live the Language

Participate in a tea ceremony. Learn what fútbol is like on the other side of the world. Paddle the route of the French-Canadian fur traders from hundreds of years ago.

We don’t separate life and language instruction. From the moment you arrive, counselors and instructors in our summer language immersion programs speak and play only in your chosen language, just as if you were learning from the inside of the country itself.

Learning language through cultural immersion.


Bring a toothbrush, clean socks and your sense of adventure.

The best way to prepare for Concordia Language Villages is to drop any doubts at the door and open yourself up to unforgettable new experiences.

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Youth Village Life

Getting Here

The first step is getting here. We offer charters from nearby cities, staff members to meet you on the way, and can connect you to travel coordinators to help map your route.

Youth Village Life

Camp Advice

Past villagers and counselors have learned a few things along the way. Read some tips they’ve shared so you’ll know what to expect.

Youth Village Life

Preparing for Camp

We’ve made packing lists so you won’t forget anything important. If you do, just visit your Village store to pick something up. (But don’t be surprised if you have to ask for it in Russian!)